The First Motivational Athleisure

You get the best of both worlds:

[ Motivational Affirmation + Aesthetic Athleisure ]

to give you a powerful boost of mental strength when you need it the most, be it to handle weights at the gym or the heavy loads from the grocery shop!

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Mind-Conditioning I Am Strong
condition your mind

I Am Strong

Feel it in your skin. 

3 simple yet powerful words to affirm that you can push through the heavy weights, challenges or even a busy schedule.

This time, your fitness routine is here to stay.

Feel energetic again!

It feels amazing after workout. I feel energetic again! These are feelings worth fighting – or should I say: training – for.

Why am I here?

I’d ask myself everytime “why am I here” whenever I go workout. The process was hard. My body feels sore BUT I feel so much better after the workout! That’s why I am here I guess.

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after more than 10 years in fitness journey

Let’s have a real talk

"Why workouts feel so tough sometimes?" "Why is it so difficult to begin exercising?“I just don’t feel like moving."

I hear your frustration. Been there too many times.

Years of humbling experiences training alongside the high performers has taught me the power of words in conditioning the mind. I’ve seen how effective these positive words could change one’s mental state. The impossible moves suddenly seems possible!

There comes the concept of Cnrstone: having positive affirmations on your clothes so that you can wear with comfort and confidence all day long with a high performer mindset, from workout to time out!

When you feel unmotivated, when you feel out of breathe, when you think you can’t do it, I hope the simple lines on your Cnrstone activewear serves as a reminder that you still have a little more strength in you.

Don’t quit. Don’t stop until it’s done.

- Ivan Fredric, Founder