Let’s have a real talk

"Why workouts feel so tough sometimes?"

"Why is it so difficult to begin exercising?

“I just don’t feel like moving."


I hear your frustration

Truly. The struggle to be consistent is real. Been there too many times. 

To me, the simplest and most effective method of staying consistent in my fitness journey is

Mental Conditioning.

Every physical fitness activity challenges your mind.

If you want to do one more rep, lift heavier, run faster, endure longer, you gotta change the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you’re motivated to act.

Mental conditioning
is a MUST

Years of humbling experiences training alongside high performers have taught me the power of words in conditioning the mind. I’ve seen how positive words change one’s mental state dramatically within seconds.

The impossible moves suddenly seem possible!

This is why we created Cnrstone — to empower mental strength through what you wear.

Having positive affirmations on your activewear not only give you the comfort but also the confidence to move all day with a high performer mindset!

Reversed or bɘƨɿɘvɘЯ

The words on our activewear are made reversed. When you put it on and look in the mirror or take a selfie, you'll see these words reflecting back at you.

The outside world may not see your progress, but that doesn’t matter because you know how much it has taken to get you to this point.

You Are Strong

When you feel unmotivated
When you feel out of breathe
When you think you can’t do it

I hope the simple lines on your Cnrstone activewear serves as a reminder that you still have a little more strength in you.

Don’t quit. Don’t stop until it’s done.

- Ivan Fredric, Founder