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Looking for something that you can pair with anything doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It’s time to shake things up with Mojito, a simple body fit leggings that can be worn for movement, work or play! Designed to move with your body, it’s made with the AptFlex fabric that keeps you cool throughout your entire workout or work day. You can feel the coolness in your skin! (Secret: the cutting with mid-rise waistband is customised to give great sculpting + supports!)

Models are wearing S size.

Size Reference

Note: Check “Size Guide” above to see the actual measurement of the design.

This is an additional reference based on our customers’ body sizes and preferred fitting. Choose based on your own preference as everyone has a different liking on the fitting of their clothes.

Height | 165cm
Waist | 63cm, ~25”
Hip | 89cm, ~35”
Thigh | 51cm, ~20”
Usual Size | M
Weight 52kg
Wearing Forte Leggings, size M

Height | 156cm
Waist | 64cm, ~25”
Hip | 94cm, ~37”
Thigh | 53cm, ~21”
Usual Size | M
Weight 50kg
Wearing Forte Leggings, size M

Height | 160cm
Waist | 61cm, ~24”
Hip | 85cm, ~33”
Thigh | 47cm, ~18”
Usual Size | S
Weight 42kg
Wearing Forte Leggings, size S


Made of the Signature APTFLEX fabric - 77% Nylon, 23% Opelon

Key features:
- 4-way stretch
- Buttery soft + breathable
- Matte finish, scratch resistance
- Sculpts, moderate compression

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You Become What You Feed Your Mind With

Your mind absorbs information whether you aware of it or not. That’s why dreams resemble random things you see everyday.

Your mind is very easily influenced. You want to guard it. You want to protect it.

Tell your mind that you’re strong, you could probably do a few more reps, more than you think you could.

At Cnrstone, we make it a goal to consciously feed your mind with positive words, to strengthen the mental toughness, hence the affirmations on our apparels.

Those affirmations will put your mind at the right place to get the hard things done.

For training and everyday wear

Your Daily Outfit Inspo

Yes, you're investing in functional activewears that support you both physically and mentally throughout your training and the morning run to the coffee shop!

We reckon, if you love this activewear so much that you’d wear it out to a coffee date or to work, you’ll highly likely workout even more!